Bedroom curtains can give you a better sleep

Now the light decoration ideas win support among the people, people in the home decoration, contracted, fashionable style of decoration more preference, and pay more attention to the decoration of the bedroom. Among them, the curtain in the landscaping and environmental construction Home Furnishing environment plays an important role, and the functions of the curtain, can not be ignored, it can protect the privacy, adjusting light, indoor heat preservation etc.. So, when the different room bedroom curtain in the selection of what is different?

The bedroom: bedroom curtains of different styles and colors can render different Home Furnishing atmosphere, the bedroom curtains visible window shapes to choose. Floor to ceiling windows, the window screen cloth and make your bedroom more warm. Such as the feeling of the shading is not good enough to add a layer of shading cloth. Half the window tracery products simple will make your room full of modern flavor. The selection range of styles and colors of the larger, more comprehensive function, shading, heat insulation, sound insulation, dust and so on, which "screens" "Pleated Blinds" or "aluminum alloy shutter curtain" is the best partner in the bedroom. The bedroom is a private space, thus to create a warm, romantic bedroom feeling is very important, with blue, green, can be used as the purple color, make the bedroom space presents the desired atmosphere.

bedroom curtains

The bedroom curtains are the family home decoration style display as well as the most important places of interest expression host. If the window is one of the main living room curtains, nature will be the most attract sb.'s attention decoration. Unique fun living room curtains, reflecting the overall home owner's interests, is the side of the identity of the owner, taste and personality reflect. In the aesthetic sense of home owners as the starting point, the main living room curtains of home culture, show unique aesthetic conception, full into the home owner's life, let the happiness of the cells to grow, so happy to have more reason. As the first vision into the room, can let the guests at the door, feel the owner happy and warm.

There is a light blue curtain, structure of yarn and cotton, with both lighting and shadowing effect can play freely, and rolling effect, but the price is more expensive. There is an interesting pure gauze, gauze hole from sparse to dense. The guide said that the night curtain, when the curtain rolling curtain fabric, densely covered yarn hole sparse, covering the study of light, when the rolling curtain eyelet sparse, exposed, and can enjoy the scenery outside the window.

Now the curtain has become an important part of the Home Furnishing decoration, whether it is warm, romantic, elegant, simple, it can be Home Furnishing decoration highlights. Different rooms to choose bedroom curtains, so as to the different rooms have different feeling.