Compostable plastic bags- an innovation of refuse resourcelized

A professor introduce that present there are three methods that people deal with waste- blast furnace burning, landfill and degrade to be compostable. In these methods, landfill is the main methods to deal with waste.
He said that organics we make everyday contain high moisture, if we want to make them totally to be steam through blast furnace burning, it needs to expend significant energy, at the same time, it will make significant CO2 emissions. The worst method to deal with waste may be landfill, because in landfill process will make more CO2 and methane.

Compost is excellent source for plant nutrition and can promote usability and water-holding capacity of soil. At the same time, it can use lower cost to make standard cover up and artificial soil improvement so that can create environmental and economic benefit. But it needs to sort out and deal with before make waste compost, it can not be degraded to use plastic bags to contain waste, it can not use paper bags to contain wet and heavy waste. So, there is a kind of waterproof compostable garbage bags which made by 100% biodegradable materials,it is very suitable to use to contain waste. According to German compostable plastic bags publicize experience, it contains organics with a sanitary method and can reduce quantity of landfill, at the same time, it improve knowledge of dealing with waste for people and make lower cost compost.