How to collocate interior style with wallpaper and black and white striped curtains

A kind of black and white striped curtains, a exquisite wallpaper can make your room more beautiful and unique. Choose wallpaper and curtains can decide the style of your room. How to use wallpaper and black and white striped curtains to collocate a suitable interior style you like?


Firstly, the choice of color. Color of curtains, wallpaper and furniture should be consistent. Style should be harmonious. Color of curtains and wallpaper must be consistent, if color of your wallpaper is delicate, curtains color better be colorful. Black and white striped curtains can choose wallpaper with dark color, with floral can be better. And then color of curtains and wallpaper should be harmonious with whole room color. If your room almost is light yellow, floral wallpaper collocate with light yellow or pink curtains can create fresh and romantic country style. Black and white curtains do not collocate with wallpaper with too heavy color, color better be similar so that can make people feel elegant and noble.

Secondly, the choice of shape. Style and pattern needs to be consistent. Curtains style and wallpaper style should be consistent. If your wallpaper is Chinese style, curtains should also choose Chinese style. If your wallpaper is floral, you should better not choose floral curtains. Black and white striped curtains can collocate with floral wallpaper.

Only if think of style and color at the same time and style of wall and curtains is consistent, and then combine with interior furniture and floor, it can make your room have your own temperament, cozy and romantic, noble and elegant, fresh and natural.