Create your home a mini Scotland with Tartan Curtains

Do you love the culture of Scotland? Do you love the way of Scottish people's lives? Do you want to recreate a mini Scotland at your home? Needless to say, I would love to do and that's why I chose tartan curtains at my home. Tartan is a pattern that forms criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands of multiple colors. It was made using wool in the beginning but many other materials are used now-a-days. And this pattern is a traditionally Scottish. Some may call them plaid curtains as well. So if you love Scotland and its traditions, go for them.

Curtain Patterns

Being thick, heavy and dark, they can be used to keep the room warm (when woolen) and provide a complete blackout when you need a profound sleep. I tried reddish purple tartan curtains and with the same fabric I designed the cushion covers. Now the windows, doors and cushions are all the matching contrasting with the light colored wall. It creates a completely magical Scotland where I love to put my feet up all the while. Coming into the room itself engender a feeling of get-up-and-go and vivacity.

Curtain Patterns

I had a good deal for my tartan curtains from the close by interior decoration store. I chose the fabric first and rather than buying the pre-stitched, I settled on the fabric and then I got my curtains as well as cushion covers stitched from the same fabric. If you don't want to get into all this process, go straight into online shopping and buy one of these; else you can get a pre-stitched curtain from the stores as well. You will be in love with the mini Scotland they will form in your home. It will definitely be admirable to look at the classic appearance these curtains provide.(Curtain Patterns)

Skills of choosing ready made curtains online

Curtains have many functions in our life and there are lots of skills of choosing ready made curtains online. You can choose curtains according to the styles, designs, fabrics, your own preference and your taste. However, some factors of visual arts can not be ignored and you should follow these principles when you buy curtains.

1.You should contrast

Design of the curtains should follow contrast principle no matter in the color or the style or the design.

Chic Linen Grey Floral Lined

2.Curtains should be symmetrical

Curtains you choose should be symmetrical, and it means relative symmetrical and this design is used in indoor design. This design will give you a solemn feeling and make you feel neat, so it is the key.

3.Choices of your curtains should be harmonious

Choices of ready made curtains online should be harmonious in shape, color, luster and fabric, and curtains should also be harmonious with all the things indoors, so maybe you can choose ready made curtains UK.

How to collocate interior style with wallpaper and black and white striped curtains

A kind of black and white striped curtains, a exquisite wallpaper can make your room more beautiful and unique. Choose wallpaper and curtains can decide the style of your room. How to use wallpaper and black and white striped curtains to collocate a suitable interior style you like?


Firstly, the choice of color. Color of curtains, wallpaper and furniture should be consistent. Style should be harmonious. Color of curtains and wallpaper must be consistent, if color of your wallpaper is delicate, curtains color better be colorful. Black and white striped curtains can choose wallpaper with dark color, with floral can be better. And then color of curtains and wallpaper should be harmonious with whole room color. If your room almost is light yellow, floral wallpaper collocate with light yellow or pink curtains can create fresh and romantic country style. Black and white curtains do not collocate with wallpaper with too heavy color, color better be similar so that can make people feel elegant and noble.

Secondly, the choice of shape. Style and pattern needs to be consistent. Curtains style and wallpaper style should be consistent. If your wallpaper is Chinese style, curtains should also choose Chinese style. If your wallpaper is floral, you should better not choose floral curtains. Black and white striped curtains can collocate with floral wallpaper.

Only if think of style and color at the same time and style of wall and curtains is consistent, and then combine with interior furniture and floor, it can make your room have your own temperament, cozy and romantic, noble and elegant, fresh and natural.

Compostable plastic bags- an innovation of refuse resourcelized

A professor introduce that present there are three methods that people deal with waste- blast furnace burning, landfill and degrade to be compostable. In these methods, landfill is the main methods to deal with waste.
He said that organics we make everyday contain high moisture, if we want to make them totally to be steam through blast furnace burning, it needs to expend significant energy, at the same time, it will make significant CO2 emissions. The worst method to deal with waste may be landfill, because in landfill process will make more CO2 and methane.

Compost is excellent source for plant nutrition and can promote usability and water-holding capacity of soil. At the same time, it can use lower cost to make standard cover up and artificial soil improvement so that can create environmental and economic benefit. But it needs to sort out and deal with before make waste compost, it can not be degraded to use plastic bags to contain waste, it can not use paper bags to contain wet and heavy waste. So, there is a kind of waterproof compostable garbage bags which made by 100% biodegradable materials,it is very suitable to use to contain waste. According to German compostable plastic bags publicize experience, it contains organics with a sanitary method and can reduce quantity of landfill, at the same time, it improve knowledge of dealing with waste for people and make lower cost compost.

Peak period of country curtains sale

No matter summer or winter, people all have need for country curtains. But when is the peak period of country curtains sale.


There are many festivals in America, in any festival, they will change hang on beautiful curtains. No matter new or old curtains, both are beautiful and tidy. So, when is the peak period of country curtains sale.

According to statistics, when in Christmas or New Year, this time is the best time for country curtains sale. Everyone knows that Christmas is meaningful for western, on the eve of Christmas, every family will buy many country curtains, this time is the peak period of country curtains sale. Various kinds of country curtains, some are colorful, some are striped, in a word, people yearn to enjoy a special Christmas, you can use country to enjoy a different Christmas.

So, the peak period of country curtains sale is in the next half year, because this period has many festivals, people have bigger choice space. Choose curtains you like so that can make you feel comfortable and happy. This is very important.


Shabby chin curtains- make your room unique

Shabby chin curtains have various pattern, different shabby chin curtains can create different space for you. It usually uses simple and modern pattern, if you want to make your room look unique, shabby chin curtains is a good choice for you. The fabric of shabby chin curtains is usually touch comfortable.


Bedroom curtains can give you a better sleep

Now the light decoration ideas win support among the people, people in the home decoration, contracted, fashionable style of decoration more preference, and pay more attention to the decoration of the bedroom. Among them, the curtain in the landscaping and environmental construction Home Furnishing environment plays an important role, and the functions of the curtain, can not be ignored, it can protect the privacy, adjusting light, indoor heat preservation etc.. So, when the different room bedroom curtain in the selection of what is different?

The bedroom: bedroom curtains of different styles and colors can render different Home Furnishing atmosphere, the bedroom curtains visible window shapes to choose. Floor to ceiling windows, the window screen cloth and make your bedroom more warm. Such as the feeling of the shading is not good enough to add a layer of shading cloth. Half the window tracery products simple will make your room full of modern flavor. The selection range of styles and colors of the larger, more comprehensive function, shading, heat insulation, sound insulation, dust and so on, which "screens" "Pleated Blinds" or "aluminum alloy shutter curtain" is the best partner in the bedroom. The bedroom is a private space, thus to create a warm, romantic bedroom feeling is very important, with blue, green, can be used as the purple color, make the bedroom space presents the desired atmosphere.

bedroom curtains

The bedroom curtains are the family home decoration style display as well as the most important places of interest expression host. If the window is one of the main living room curtains, nature will be the most attract sb.'s attention decoration. Unique fun living room curtains, reflecting the overall home owner's interests, is the side of the identity of the owner, taste and personality reflect. In the aesthetic sense of home owners as the starting point, the main living room curtains of home culture, show unique aesthetic conception, full into the home owner's life, let the happiness of the cells to grow, so happy to have more reason. As the first vision into the room, can let the guests at the door, feel the owner happy and warm.

There is a light blue curtain, structure of yarn and cotton, with both lighting and shadowing effect can play freely, and rolling effect, but the price is more expensive. There is an interesting pure gauze, gauze hole from sparse to dense. The guide said that the night curtain, when the curtain rolling curtain fabric, densely covered yarn hole sparse, covering the study of light, when the rolling curtain eyelet sparse, exposed, and can enjoy the scenery outside the window.

Now the curtain has become an important part of the Home Furnishing decoration, whether it is warm, romantic, elegant, simple, it can be Home Furnishing decoration highlights. Different rooms to choose bedroom curtains, so as to the different rooms have different feeling.